HB 2159

HB 2159, introduced by Rep. Garnet Coleman of Houston, revises the current Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGBRI) statute in Texas.

NAMI TX believes that the current NGBRI statue in Texas is antiquated and fails to take into account modern knowledge of brain disorders. Therefore, NAMI Texas supports this revision of NGBRI statutes.

If you wish to express your opinion on this, or any other legislation, contact your legislator or the members of the committee who will vote on forwarding this bill out of committee.  As this measure will die if not voted out of committee by Tuesday, April 12, you should act promptly if you wish your opinion to influence this issue.

The following are committee members who will vote on this measure:

Will Hartnett 512-463-0576

Bill Zedler 512-463-0374

Jose Aliseda 512-463-0645

Wayne Christian 512-463-0556

Persons wishing to contact these members should ask to speak to the staff member who handles criminal jurisprudence issues and provide their contact number, including area code.


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