Conference Committee working on State’s Budget

As you know, the state’s budget is currently being determined in a conference committee. NAMI Texas is urging the committee to support the Senate’s version of the funding for Mental Health Services. To be fiscally conservative, it is important to pay the upfront costs of keeping people with mental illness in the community and out of the more costly emergency rooms and jails and prisons! Pay now, or pay more later! If you would like to contact members of the conference committee you can find their contact information here:

Sen. Jane Nelson: 1-888-514-5807 or

Sen. Steve Ogden: 1-888-510-4580 or

Sen. Tommy Williams: 1-888-514-8930 or

Sen. Robert Duncan: 1-888-723-0408 or

Sen. Juan Hinojosa: 1-888-812-0531or

Rep. Jim Pitts: 1-888-823-9190 or

Rep. Myra Crownover: 1-888-958-8864 or

Rep. John Otto: 1-888-644-2670 or

Rep. Sylvester Turner: 1-888-828-0051 or

Rep. John Zerwas: 1-888-838-0224 or


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