Hogg Foundation releases Texas 82nd Legislative Summary

The Hogg Foundation has released their summary of this past 82nd Legislative session. Follow the link to view the entire summary: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=ayj6bzdab&et=1107312124688&s=1098&e=001szG3pX-_6h_bk6hi_IMnaO5TPA4m2s0WPPo0oCyQ0mVEdWOa34G8WF6SmQkCFgTTjxqrRKvh-0zsnF9NsmHRV9l3olRXFK_H9ik0_EwE1vd-HTdgGRubRzt-l0Rd8mstBXwzXdUDQd445JIJMWkZHO70B0_BKa_npttutpq6WnIYInvppGdh88-aXJYDiRErwMfc6hdmZ7Y5-5U6f9a9b-5sHFIAsffh


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