DSHS gathering feedback for Rider 71 stakeholder meetings

DSHS is getting feedback about this time frame, as well as the fact that no hearing is scheduled for east Texas. If you have concerns about this timeline, please contact jlongley@civicinitiatives.com or Public Consulting Group at txbhstudy@pcgus.com.
This timeline summary is as follows:
“The Public Consulting Group (PCG) anticipates the following target dates for completion  of the various components of the Texas behavioral health system analysis required by Rider 71.
·         Phase 1 – Comprehensive study of the current system: Mid-May 2012
·         Recommendations posted to DSHS and PCG website that PCG will present in stakeholder meetings: Late May 2012
·         Stakeholder meetings: June 5-14, 2012
·         Phase 2 – Recommendations for system change: Late September 2012″
·         Phase 2 – Recommendations for system change: Late September 2012
You can also go to http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/mhsa/mhsa-analysis.aspx;  to learn more.
Below  is the list of meetings and some additional information on this study.
PLEASE take the time to participate in these very important hearings. If you cannot attend, you can submit comments via email. Please see below for information on how to do this.
Phase II Stakeholder Meetings
Tuesday June 5, 2012
1pm – 4pm
San Antonio
South Texas Centre
AT&T Bldg- Suite 100
7500 U.S. Hwy 90
San Antonio, Texas 78227
Wednesday June 6, 2012
4pm – 7pm
Dept. of State Health Services Room K-100
1100 W. 49th St.
Austin, TX 78756
Thursday June 7, 2012
4pm – 7pm
Rio Grande State Center
1401 Rangerville Rd
Harlingen, TX 78551
Friday June 8, 2012
1pm – 4pm
MD Anderson
South Campus Research Building 2 Rooms 1 – 3
7435 Fannin Street
Houston, TX 77054
Tuesday June 12, 2012
10am – 1pm
El Paso
Armed Forces Reserve Center
11701 Montana Ave.
2nd floor
El Paso, TX 79936
Wednesday June 13, 2012
10am – 1pm
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center – Academic Classroom Bldg Room ACB 110
3601 4th Street
Lubbock, TX 79430
Thursday June 14, 2012
1pm – 4pm
Center for Community Cooperation
2900 Live Oak Street
Dallas, TX 75204
Schedule for Phase II Stakeholder Meetings
If you have any questions regarding the public stakeholder forums, please contact Joey Longley at jlongley@civicinitiatives.com or Public Consulting Group at txbhstudy@pcgus.com. If you are not able to attend, you can also submit input to the Public Consulting Group at txbhstudy@pcgus.com. For those without access to email or who prefer to submit information in writing, you may contact PCG with your comments or questions at the following address:
Public Consulting Group
Attn: Joe Weber

148 State Street

10th Floor

Boston, MA 02109
People with disabilities or language interpretation needs who wish to attend the meeting and require auxiliary aids or services can contact Janie Villarreal with Texas Department of State Health Services at 512-776-6502 at least 72 hours before the meeting so appropriate arrangements can be made.
About the Analysis
The Public Consulting Group (PCG) is conducting a comprehensive analysis of the public behavioral health system in Texas, as required by DSHS Rider 71, General Appropriations Act, 82nd Texas Legislature, 2011. PCG is a management consulting firm with 25 years of national experience serving public education, health and human services, and other state and municipal government clients. PCG’s efforts will focus on two major components: (1) a comprehensive study of the current public behavioral health system in Texas and (2) short and long term recommendations for the Texas behavioral health system.
PCG’s comprehensive analysis of the current public behavioral health system in Texas will include a review of the programmatic structure of the system. This work includes the identification of various provider types delivering services, service delivery mechanisms, service offerings, and the various populations receiving services throughout the behavioral system. PCG will also review the financial structure of the current behavioral health system to understand the current and existing sources of funding leveraged to pay for behavioral health services. Lastly, PCG’s analysis of the current behavioral health system will include a review of other states’ behavioral health systems to identify potential options for Texas to improve their behavioral health service delivery system. This initial phase of the analysis will result in the comprehensive report to DSHS on the current state of the public behavioral health system in Texas.
Upon submission of the comprehensive report to DSHS, PCG will begin work on the second phase of the analysis, which will result in providing recommendations to improve access, service utilization, patient outcomes, and system efficiencies. The recommendations generated will include short term recommendations focused on efficiencies and long term recommendations or the behavioral health system.
In addition to available state programmatic and financial data on the behavioral health system, PCG and DSHS recognize that gaining insights from stakeholders is essential to developing a comprehensive view of the behavioral health system. With this in mind, PCG will, with the assistance of DSHS, reach out to the behavioral health community over the next few months to capture additional local data and information that is critical to the success of the analysis. At this time, PCG and DSHS are continuing to finalize the details for these outreach efforts. Once the details are finalized, additional information will be communicated to the behavioral health community to ensure those interested in participating in this effort will have the opportunity to do so.
Comments for this study can also be sent directly to PCG at the following e-mail address: TXBHStudy@pcgus.com.

One response to “DSHS gathering feedback for Rider 71 stakeholder meetings

  1. The DSHS website lists a different locaton in Dallas for the June 14th stakeholder meeting. See http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/mhsa/mhsa-analysis.aspx. They report it being held at Nexus Recovery Center, 8733 La Prada Drive, Dallas, TX 75228. I called Nexus and confirmed that they are scheduled to hold this meeting in their auditorium that afternoon.

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