Early Voting, and NAMI Press Release: “The Presidential Debate: War, Peace, and Mental Illness”

NAMI Texas would like to bring your attention to a couple issues related to this election season.

First, early voting in Texas began on Monday and runs through Friday, November 2nd. Election Day is November 6th. If you are registered to vote, NAMI Texas strongly encourages you to set aside some time to vote over the next two weeks. You can find early voting locations and hours, as well as your Election Day polling place, by using the search function on Texas’s Online Voter Central website: https://team1.sos.state.tx.us/voterws/viw/faces/Introduction.jsp

Additionally, NAMI National issued a press release yesterday with their perspective on the recent presidential debates and information on their “Mental Health Care Gets My Vote” campaign. The following quote by NAMI Executive Director Mike Fitzpatrick does a great job in summing up what the debates mean to mental health advocates and what responsibilities we have as advocates during the election season: “The debates ignored important dimensions and distinctions about mental health care within broader issues. That is not necessarily a surprise, but it still is a disappointment. The challenge between now and Election Day is for individuals and families affected by mental illness, and their friends, to keep working to raise mental health issues with congressional, state and local candidates and to encourage all voters to consider them in making decisions between candidates.”

You can view the press release, which also contains the priorities of the “Mental Health Care Gets My Vote” campaign, at the following link: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/10/23/4932305/the-presidential-debate-war-peace.html#storylink=cpy

Thank you for your attention to this, and please remember to #vote4mentalhealth


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