federal health policy plan – National Coalition on Health Care

The National Coalition on Health Care recently released a proposal to help the federal government address the issues of the budget deficit and rising health care costs. They offer a 7-point strategy, along with 50 specific recommendations, for closing the deficit and reducing health care costs.

The 7 points of this strategy are:

1. Change the provider incentives to reward value, not volume;

2. Encourage patient and consumer engagement;

3. Use market competition to increase value;

4. Ensure that the highest-cost patients receive high-value, coordinated care;

5. Bolster the primary care workforce;

6. Reduce errors, fraud, and administrative overhead; and

7. Invest in prevention and population health.

NAMI Texas strongly encourages you to read the full report. Please send our Policy Coordinator any feedback on the report that you may have, we would greatly appreciate your input on this. You may reach our Policy Coordinator at ghansch@namitexas.org

You can learn more about the National Coalition on Health Care Coverage here: http://nchc.org/

Their plan – “Curbing Costs, Improving Care: The Path to an Affordable Health Care Future” – is available here: http://nchc.org/node/1273


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