CALL TO ACTION – Assisted Outpatient Treatment

We are pleased to report that our Assisted Outpatient Treatment bill – SB 646 – was reported favorably by the Senate Health & Human Services Committee on Monday.

Your help is needed to get the House AOT bill (HB 2212) through committee. It would be very helpful if you could email the members House Public Health Committee and ask for their support on HB 2212. If you are a constituent of one of the members on that committee, please call them as well. Here are the names and contact information of the committee members we need to reach: of Houston, Tx (512) 463-0524 of Fort Worth, Tx (512) 463-0716 of San Antonio, Tx (512) 463-0269 of Houston,Tx (512) 463- 0389 of McAllen, Tx (512) 463-0578 of Abeline, Tx (512) 463-0718 of Murphy, TX (512) 463-0186 of Gatesville, Tx (512) 463-0628 of Arlington, Tx (512) 463-0374

Here is a sample letter of support for the AOT bills that you may choose to use or modify in your emails (Don’t forget to personalize):

Subject: Support SB 646 and HB 2212

Dear Rep or Sen Name

I am writing to kindly urge you to support the passing of SB 646 / HB 2212 through committee.

This bill would aid the recovery of individuals with mental illness, save the state money by keeping people out of the costliest settings, and untie the hands of family members who without AOT have limited tools to keep their loved ones with mental illness from continuing to go untreated.

An evaluation of the New York State AOT law found that that incarcerations fell by 87%, arrests by 83%, psychiatric hospitalizations by 77%, and homelessness by 74%.

Well-designed AOT programs not only have the potential to reduce costs and improve individual outcomes, they also protect public safety.

The bill respects the rights of the individual while enhancing the capability of family members and judges to link individuals with mental illness to the services they need.

Thank you for your time.


(Your Name &


Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Texans with mental illness!


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