Advocacy Alert: SB 58

If you are represented by any of the following state legislators, please call or email them as soon as possible with the message below on Senate Bill 58. You can look up your state legislators using the “Who Represents Me” box at the bottom right corner of the Texas Legislature Online website:

-Senator Jane Nelson. Flower Mound, Texas. NAMI Denton and NAMI Tarrant County.
(512) 463-0112.

-Senator Larry Taylor. Parts of Brazoria, Galveston, and Harris Counties. NAMI Greater Houston and other area affiliates
(512) 463-0111.
-Senator Robert Nichols. East Texas and Montgomery County. NAMI Montgomery County, East Texas affiliates
(512) 463-0103.

-Senator Carlos Uresti. San Antonio. NAMI San Antonio
(512) 463-0119

-Senate Joan Huffman. Houston. NAMI Greater Houston
(512) 463-0117

-Rep. John Zerwas. Fort Bend. NAMI Fort Bend
(512) 463-0657

-Rep. Toni Rose. Dallas. NAMI Dallas
(512) 463-0664

-Rep. Elliot Naishtat. Austin. NAMI Austin
(512) 463-0668

-Rep. John Davis. Houston. NAMI Greater Houston
(512) 463-0734

-Rep. Four Price. Amarillo and surrounding counties. NAMI Texas Panhandle
(512) 463-0470

Here is the messaging on SB 58:

“Senate Bill 58 (SB58) will carve in psychosocial rehabilitation and case management services for persons with Medicaid into the STAR plans across the state of Texas.
The Ratliff amendment to SB58, which was offered in the House of Representatives, makes it possible for local areas to choose what model of mental health service delivery best fits their particular area.
Because both rural, suburban, and urban areas across Texas have diverse needs and resources, NAMI Texas’s 27 affiliates are supporting the ability of local areas to determine their own needs and resources and what delivery model will best suit those needs.
The language in the amendment is permissive, rather than mandatory, meaning that each area can choose whether or not to default to the “carve-in” model of services to the STAR program, or to choose a different delivery system. No area will be forced to choose a particular system. That decision will be left to the mental health stakeholders in that area.
NAMI Texas is requesting that the Ratliff amendment to SB58 be maintained in the final version of the bill.”

Thank you so much for helping to make a difference in the live on individuals with mental illness and their families.


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